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COVID-19 Update

We are all in the midst of an unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic, with daily if not hourly updates and actions being taken by Governments, Business and Individuals around the world.

During these uncertain times health, safety and the well-being of our families, friends and the community at large is paramount. We have put in place various safe workplace practices and initiatives focus on the health and well being of our staff, customers and the broader community.

Our staff are at the heart of our business and we have enacted key monitoring policies focused on the health, wellness and well being of all our team members. Our staff have engaged in heighten-care practices and communications globally, following local health authorities recommendations and procedures.

Each of our sites has engaged in work from home practices for administrative roles and warehouse staff shifts staggered to minimize contact and interaction. No external staff are permitted within any of our sites, all inbound and out-bound deliveries are signed for by Image International Warehouse staff and photographed at time of loading or unloading with the delivery driver remaining in their vehicle whilst goods are loaded/unloaded.

All delivery and pickups are to be pre-booked and a COVID-19 declaration completed and emailed through prior to arrival at our facilities. On arrival goods are cleaned down and sprayed with disinfectant before entering the warehouse facility.

For the protection of our staff and clients our already stringent cleaning regime has been heighten with all office and warehouse equipment being sanitized at the beginning and end of every shift with complete wiping down and disinfecting of all machinery, workstations , desks, door handles, light switches, bathrooms, kitchens, pens, printers, scanners and computer equipment with alcohol wipes before being spray with disinfectant.

The border closures announced over the weekend do not impact cargo movements. Airfreight continues to be a dynamic capacity and rate environment globally. Mainland China continues to normalise including the provinces most heavily impacted by the initial outbreak. Our agents and shipping lines we work with are 100% operational and our local team in Shanghai are all back on site. Europe is still productive with only ocean freight and land transport restrictions which relate to delays at border crossings where drivers are being screened. Overall airfreight in the short term will prove to be the most impacted mode in global supply chains. Our team are welled positioned to continue generating and delivering air cargo solutions as this dynamic and ongoing situation plays out.

The landscape is changing day-by-day with COVID-19, and we will adapt our plans accordingly and will communicate openly and regularly on any changes being made.

Throughout these trying times we seek to embody that fighting Australian spirit whilst keeping that cheeky twinkle in the eye character that is needed now more than ever.

We thank you for your support and patience throughout this trying time.

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