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AGS and Shipco joint venture - NGS WORLD TRANSPORT

SHIPCO Transport and AGS World Transport have agreed to form a new joint venture to serve the New Zealand market called "NGS World Transport" which will include the current business operations of Shipco Transport and ICT which has been operating in New Zealand since 2013. The new operation will officially commence operations on 1 August.

NGS World Transport will continue to be managed locally by current country manager Henning Hansen, who will report to the Australian operations of AGS.

In a formal release, advice has been given that it will be business as usual between now and the formal commencement date for staff and customers, with an intent to significantly grow the volumes and service offering post JV commencement.

AGS executive chairman Terry Tzaneros said the new joint venture would enhance and improve the overall service offering with enhanced services and trade lanes in import/export wholesale FAK freight, as well as new services in airfreight that will mirror the overall service offering of the company’s Australian operations.

The new JV will operate on the CargoWise system, with a key focus being on integration and customer visibility, whilst also offering enhanced solutions that have recently been developed exclusively for AGS’ operation in Australia.


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