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Cargo Consolidation: Preparing for the Holidays

It is that time of the year again when things are starting to get more festive and shoppers are excited to start celebrating and sharing gifts, which means more pressure for merchants, and distribution companies are starting to feel the pressure to keep up and prepare their holiday shipping. Being as prepared as possible will improve customer satisfaction and keep everyone merry this festive season. Order consolidation will be your best bet to help your business save time and money.

Let’s dig in!

What is Order Consolidation?

Order consolidation is where multiple orders are grouped based on their destination to reduce shipping fees. In short, order consolidation means shipping individual orders together to save time and money. But there is more to it than that, if done correctly, orders will be packaged and shipped based o

n their destination, and those going to the same area will be grouped for fast shipping. As you can imagine, with orders being grouped, this is an eco-friendly option as it means carbon emissions are reduced due to fewer trips and the environmental impact will be low.

How Order Consolidation Can Help You During the Holiday Season?

Save Time and Money

Now that things are returning to how they were before the pandemic, it's easy to become overwhelmed fast. With customers placing more orders than the rest of the year, eCommerce retailers will be packing and shipping more orders than they can manage. Consolidating your orders can give you lower handling fees per package, reduce shipping costs, and save time with fast shipping.

Environmentally Friendly

When you choose to consolidate your orders, there will be less packaging material used and a lot less fuel since fewer trips are needed. When orders are packaged and shipped together, you will be reducing your carbon emission and have a low environmental impact.

If in case you haven’t noticed, holiday shipping increased this peak season due to the supply chain crisis, and the surge of holiday shipments for the increased shipping rates are all thanks to the pandemic.

While it’s supposed to be a holly jolly holiday season, other major courier companies will most likely implement temporary shipping increases. Plus, holiday shipping delays are expected with the influx of shipments.

Remember, there’s no one-size-fits-all cost to shipping packages. The final shipping cost of your parcel depends on factors such as weight, package dimensions, distance, and speed.

So, if are you starting to plan your holiday orders and considering order consolidation, contact us, we are here to help with your order fulfillment needs and find the cheapest and fastest shipping options for you and your business.


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