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China stays the course on its strict "zero-COVID" policy despite the economic cost

Local lockdowns combined with stormy weather is seeing congestion rise at many ports across China again, not to mention the government’s strictly following their "zero-covid policy", which has stretched global supply chains a great deal this year.

Since August 11, Ningbo Meishan Island International Container Terminal had been on lockdown, and container gate-in and gate-out operations had been stopped until further notice. Operations at the Meidong container terminal in the port of Ningbo were suspended the same week when a port worker tested positive for Covid-19. while other terminals also imposed restrictions limiting the number of workers and the amount of cargo coming into the port.

In addition to restrictions, Chinese ports have been affected by typhoons, impacting operations in Shanghai, Ningbo, Shenzhen and Hong Kong since July which forced the ports to close, delaying services for ocean carriers.

The southern Chinese city of Shenzhen, home to Yantian and Shekou ports, has extended movement restrictions that began in late August, after more Covid-19 infections were discovered, but stopped short of a full lockdown.

China's National Health Commission reported over 900 domestically transmitted COVID-19 cases on both Saturday and Sunday. The strict policy is expected to continue ahead of a key Communist Party congress in October.

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