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Deferred release of Productivity Commission draft report - Australia's Maritime Logistics Systems

Due to the recent caretaker period and change of federal government we received advice that a delay of several weeks can be expected for the release of the Productivity Commission's draft report of Australia's Maritime Logistics Systems as the Commission seek further information and feedback following the expected release of a draft report in late June / early July 2022.

We will continue gathering evidence from members to support our eight (8) key recommendations as outlined in our original submission during this extended period until the draft is released:

1. shipping competition review

2. minimum service levels and notification periods

3. infrastructure investment

4. regulation of Terminal Access Charges

5. regulation of container detention practices

6. waterfront industrial relations reform

7. implementation of Biosecurity reform priorities

8. extension of IFAM funding

Please forward evidence to Tony Vinson (Head of International Freight and Logistics - FTA / APSA) at


FTA - Our focus remains on achieving sustainable, long-term reform to address current 'unreasonable' container detention practices despite this being outside of our operational remit to intervene in members' specific commercial dealings between shipping lines and/or transport operators.

To support this process we request members complete the proforma spreadsheet along with relevant documentation – refer HERE (FTA / APSA MEMBER LOGIN REQUIRED)

In the meantime, should you have any concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to our Image International representative at OR contact us here.


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