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DP World Melbourne - Upcoming Road Impacts from February 18th for Road Upgrades - Next 4 Months

Beginning on February 18, 2024 at 2200 hours, the North Park grids will be closed for approximately four months to complete the installation of Grids 1 and 2. During this time, road operations capacity will be reduced to approximately 65% of standard levels.

This will impact carriers' ability to obtain preferred time slots during the day shift and affect stack run requests for both full and empty runs. Carriers may need to distribute work further into the evening, night shifts, and weekends where additional capacity can be allocated.

Research and Development will provide assistance when possible, but many day shift slot requests from carriers may not be able to be fulfilled. Additional resources will be utilised during this period to help mitigate impact to the road as much as possible.

Carriers should ensure drivers follow all instructions from Clerks and Road Foremen. With major work occurring over the coming four months, decisions may need to be made quickly in response to issues that could differ from a driver's orders or previous guidance. Flexibility will be required to keep road operations running as smoothly as possible during this time.


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