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Ensuring On-Time Deliveries: How To Prepare For Delays

Now that the industry is bouncing back form all the fiasco amidst Covid-19, there are some dilemmas that companies considered a nightmare and number one on the list is being on time on deliveries.

Some Of The Reasons Are:

Incorrect documentation:

Not having proper documents and paperwork can lead to delays throughout the shipping process, from leaving the port of origin, to clearing customs, to arriving at the shipping destination.

Peak season:

These are times during the year when higher-than-usual volumes of freight are shipped. Most often, during these times, delivery volumes are expanding at an unprecedented rate.

This is where things can be tough. It is when deliveries are hard to go out and to customers on time, resulting in missed and late deliveries.

Global events:

These are things that cannot be controlled, foreseen, or avoided:

  • COVID-19

  • Russia-Ukraine War

  • Extreme Weather Conditions / Events

Sudden changes in consumer habits:

Generally, any changes in global consumer habits immediately ripple through the shipping industry. This could be a major reason for the delay in the delivery of goods and vessel delays across the supply chain globally.

How to Prevent Shipping Delays:

  • Choose reliable providers

  • Open and often communication between you and your providers

  • Make sure all paperwork is in order

  • Work with your forwarder to arrange a smooth warehouse drop off

  • Plan for peak season so you’re not caught short on inventory

Unfortunately, delays are entirely unavoidable. They can and do happen often without warning, but you can mitigate their impact on your business. There are several reasons delays occur, therefore it is important that you are partnered with a company like Image International Freight which has significant experience in preventing, circumnavigating, and avoiding delays for their clients with creative logistics solutions. We'd be so happy to assist you and your business, call us today +61 2 9773 1378.


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