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Further Industrial Action at Patricks Sydney and Melbourne Terminals

Patrick Terminals Melbourne and Patrick Terminals Sydney AutoStrad have issued notification regarding their terminal operations implying possible delays after Maritime Union of Australia (MUA) decided to continuously roll their Protected Industrial Action (PIA) .

With these protected industrial action in place along with the existing difficulty they are already facing due to the current shipping situation and is still in the process of recovering from reduced labour availability the container Terminals are emphasizing on the struggle they will be facing in the first two weeks of November.

With this, Patrick Terminal CEO, Michael Jovicic continues to request MUA for consideration on the previous offers in order to resolve the current dilemma the terminal is facing and prevent the domino effect of the situation implicating other container terminal operators.

Below are the updated Terminal Operation schedule.

Terminal Operations Update Patrick Terminals - Sydney AutoStrad

  • The current delays 3-5 day on average and are forecast to increase with the current and notified industrial action for Melbourne Cup Day.

Patrick Terminals - Brisbane AutoStrad

  • Delays are up to 1 days and are forecast to increase with the current industrial action.

Patrick Terminals - Fremantle

  • Due to the impact of the notified PIA, vessel delays now averaging 8.5 days.

Patrick Terminals - Melbourne

  • operating with a 4 days delay due to reduced labour availability resulting from COVID cases and close contact isolation requirements. Delays are forecast to increase with notified industrial action.


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