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Cargomation - Global Live Tracking Available Now!

Announcing @imageinternationalfreight go-live of Cargomation. What is Cargomation?

A new service for our customers, Cargomation provides live visibility from initial order placement to shipment via air and sea as well as progress through customs and final delivery. A game-changer for our businesses to assist streamline their operations.

Complete transparency upon logging in of where all your shipments are in the world; air and sea at the click of a button. Live track, trace and review your current global logistics.

Whether you are an existing customer of Image International Freight or a new customer, we would love to set you up in our system. Once we issue you with your customer credentials, easy access is then provided to you upon Customer Log in at:

Contact us with any questions you may have about CARGOMATION, our new Customer Live Tracking Service, and how we can further assist your business streamline its operations, call +61 2 9773 1378 OR email us at for more information.


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