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Main reasons why cargo can be delayed

We are all in the process of trying to co-exist with the global pandemic and war conflict, which have caused worldwide supply chain problems, port delays and unavoidable transportation mayhem.

To help understand, we have compiled some common reasons why shipments may be delayed:

What causes shipping delays?

Labour shortages

Delivery times may also be affected by strikes in some countries. For example, in France, the logistics sector is significantly affected by strikes, which may send out a service alert for delays.

It’s also essential to consider that the coronavirus pandemic is having a significant effect on shipments and deliveries. With companies having less capacity in terms of workers or equipment.

Lack of equipment

Transferring cargo from the warehouse can be challenging, and it certainly isn’t straightforward. In some instances, equipment shortage is another major issue that’s often overlooked by shippers where shipping containers aren’t available, situations like this can also lead to shipment delays.


Peak Seasons can also hold up deliveries, such as pre-Christmas or summer. If there are many shipments, deliveries may arrive later.

Issues at customs

Required documents may be presented incorrectly or may be missing. Make sure all the required documents are ready and filled to prevent any problems. Having the right documents needed to get through customs is something that can cause delays if not handled right.

Extreme weather

Force majeure circumstances sometimes occur whether you are shipping domestically or internationally. It is true that weather cannot be controlled and in some cases may lead to vessels failing to arrive at intermediate ports on schedule; can cause road closures, flight cancellations, and service suspensions.

Supply chain issues

Disruptions to the supply chain affect suppliers and customers alike. When it happens, we don’t typically consider what’s happening in the different segments of the supply chain to create those delays such as manufacturing, production, and warehousing delays.

Inaccurate shipping information

Delivery services can not flow successfully when the information is inaccurate or incomplete. The system can work like a well-oiled machine, but everything needs to be correct in order for this to happen, and this is where a lot of business and delivery company relationships fall down. You have to know exactly what information and details are required to eliminate the stressful aspects of shipments, with the correct documentation, ensuring the delivery process runs smoothly and free from avoidable delays.

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