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Patrick Terminals Operations Update

We have received a notification from Patrick Terminal about their operations update and forthcoming MUA industrial action summary. This is in line with the current application they have submitted to the Fair Work Commission (FWC) after MAU launches additions to their existing Protected Industrial Action (PIA).

The application aims to terminate their existing Enterprise Agreement with MAU which the terminal sees not suitable anymore for the business as it has limited their ability to meet customer requirements due to continues rolling strikes after a series of on going negotiations.

Terminal Operations Update

Patrick Terminals - Sydney AutoStrad

• Vessels delays have now increased to between 7 - 8 days due to industrial action.

Patrick Terminals - Brisbane AutoStrad

• Vessel delays are forecast to increase to between 1 - 2 days over the coming week due to the industrial action.

Patrick Terminals - Fremantle

• Vessel delays are currently up to 5 days due to the industrial action.

Patrick Terminals - Melbourne

• Vessel delays are currently up to 9 days and are expected to increase with the upcoming industrial action.

• One vessel has been subcontracted in an effort to help ease growing congestion.


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