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Preparing for Peak Season - What Your Business Needs To Know

The holiday season is fast approaching, before you know it's Christmas! We believe that being prepared and equipped to handle the increase in demand on your supply chain is absolutely crucial during this season. From the perspective of a freight forwarder, planning is everything and expecting the unexpected at this time of year given the events of the last few years is more critical than ever. When we refer to "Peak Season" this indicates the period of trading from October through to late January. This season is significant to both retailers and wholesalers, importers and exporters alike due to the higher demand of consumers at this time. As an importer, we always recommend getting your peak season preparations underway as early as August/September to ensure a smooth season. So if you haven't considered this now, or put your orders in with suppliers, do!

Preparing Your Business Whether you are a B2C or B2B, forward planning is crucial, especially in the areas of inventory, logistics, and service. This can be achieved by reviewing the following: - Looking at past years' performances during this period to forecast potential demand

- Reviewing season trends

- Reviewing competitor volumes can assist with narrowing down your forecasts too

- Place your order according to forecasts and data

Consult Your Freight Forwarder To Book Space As Soon As The Order Is Placed During this period there is always a limitation in the availability of both containers and space on aircraft with higher volumes of freight and passengers moving. Airfreight passengers and luggage do always take priority over cargo if shipping via air. With exports, it is also the season for increased volumes of perishables and high-value cargo such as live seafood where premium rates are being paid to ensure movement of these. It is best practice to plan your orders ahead of time, and place bookings as early as possible to secure space with carriers both domestically and internationally. Allow for extended delivery timelines when ordering last-minute shipments to avoid disappointing client timeline expectations of the goods.

Contact Us With Any Questions And To Get A Freight Quote For Peak Season Peak season differs each and every year and every business is different. Please feel free to contact the team at Image International any time we are always available to assist you to start planning your peak season's logistics needs. Call us on +61 2 9773 1378 OR email


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