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VICT Industry Notice - Infrastructure Charge

As outlined in last month's media release, the Victorian Department of Transport Voluntary Pricing Protocol is considered an extreme failure.

We receive yet again another notice, Effective 1 July 2022, customers are advised that VICT will be adjusting Infrastructure Charge from per full container. This is because of the on going increasing costs to the industry over the last twelve months which is also undoubtedly directed through to customers to recover these on-going costs. The Infrastructure Charge, however, will only apply to full import and full export containers.

On the other hand, VICT has already committed to invest in our terminal which would result to a further enhancement for our landside customers, consisting of six Auto Stacking Cranes (ASC’s) that will create a further 3 storage blocks and 15 more truck lanes. With this increase in infrastructure. it is said that it will allegedly boost our VBS time slot offerings to the market by up to 30% per hour and expect to be online in the 4th quarter 2023.

VICT is a proud supporter and participant of the Victorian Department of Transport Voluntary Pricing Protocol and invites all parties to submit their questions and queries relating to the Infrastructure Charge to

In support with the recent findings done on our supplementary submission and associated recommendation for regulatory reform. This latest increase has been shared with the Productivity Commission as a part of their review of Australia's Maritime Systems.


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