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WA Shipping and Supply Chain Taskforce

With the recent disruptive global and national events, the focus on supply chain risks and responsiveness has sharpened and so the WA Government has announced the formation of a Shipping and Supply Chain Taskforce to examine the resilience of long-distance supply chains and the potential for increased use of shipping.

The main focus of the WA Taskforce will be on:

  1. The potential for domestic long-distance freight to be carried by coastal shipping between WA and eastern states;

  2. Co-operation in the development of a national strategic shipping fleet

  3. The development of local WA training facilities and maritime career pathways, including the potential use of currently trading coastal vessels;

  4. Opportunities to develop multi-modal responsiveness to supply chain disruption, including freight on interstate routes and also to remote WA regions

  5. Opportunities to improve supply chain coordination and service quality at WA ports.

The Taskforce will not be examining issues relating to intra-state supply chain efficiency.

Should you wish to include your thoughts in the FTA submission, you can email your own submission to or contact Image International Freight representative,, where it will be registered for use by the Taskforce by Monday 25 April.

Submissions will not be publicly released by the Taskforce or the WA Government.


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