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What Information Is Required For A Freight Quote?

It is important to consider what necessary information is required when you are looking at exporting or importing in order for a valid and accurate sea or air freight quote to be provided for you and your business.

Prepare Before You Request a Freight Quote

The right time to start requesting quotes is about two weeks before the shipment is ready for pickup. You should have copies of the commercial invoice and packing list by this time. Where and if applicable, you might also need to have the certificate of origin, MSDS, and fumigation certificate. In some cases, they’ll be needed soon after you accept a quote.

Be prepared with some basic information, starting with your and your supplier’s contact details, and the pickup and delivery contact details. If the shipment is door-to-door, you’ll need both end’s address details.

Here are a few tips to guide you on requesting a quote:

Supplier’s contact details: Name, Address, Contact Number

Receiver’s contact Details: Name, Address, Contact Number

Shipment Weight: this is exactly what the product weighs including packaging

Shipment Volume: space calculated in cubic feet (L x W x H)

Are the goods Palletised or Lose? - Choosing the correct pallet for your goods will help reduce your transportation costs. Ensure the dimensions given are inclusive of the weight and dimensions of the packed item on the pallet if shipping via pallet

Type of Commodity: type of product that is traded

Shipment Ready Date: the day the cargo is expected to be available at the supplier or other named location

Shipment delivery Date: the expected date on which goods that have been bought will arrive at a place

Mode of Shipment: way of shipping goods (is it by AIR, SEA, COURIER)

Terms of Shipment: define whether the seller or the buyer is responsible for selecting the carrier.

You can request a quote today for your business with our quote form online here. Our team at Image International Freight is online and ready to assist you with your next shipment.


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