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The benefits of your business working with an Australian Trusted Trader

The Australian Trusted Trader (ATT) Program offers several benefits for importers and exporters who work with forwarders that belong to the program. We chat today about these many benefits for you and your business, from enhanced supply chain security through to reduced compliance costs:

  1. Streamlined Customs Processes: ATT accredited forwarders enjoy expedited customs clearance processes, reducing delays and administrative burdens associated with importing and exporting goods.

  2. Priority Treatment: Members of the ATT program receive priority treatment at the border, allowing for faster clearance of goods and reduced wait times.

  3. Enhanced Supply Chain Security: The ATT program promotes supply chain security by implementing strict security measures and standards, reducing the risk of tampering, theft, or other security breaches.

  4. Mutual Recognition Arrangements (MRAs): The ATT program has established MRAs with other trusted trader programs worldwide, facilitating smoother trade processes and reduced regulatory requirements for members.

  5. Reduced Compliance Costs: Members of the ATT program benefit from streamlined compliance procedures, which can result in cost savings associated with customs duties, taxes, and regulatory compliance.

  6. Trusted Partner Status: Being part of the ATT program signals to customs authorities and trading partners that the forwarder is a trusted and reliable partner in the supply chain, potentially leading to enhanced business opportunities and relationships.

  7. Dedicated Support: ATT members can access support and resources from the Australian Border Force (ABF) and other government agencies, assisting with customs-related inquiries, compliance issues, and trade facilitation.

As Image International Freight is an accredited forwarder with the Australian Trusted Trader Program we can provide importers and exporters with significant advantages in terms of efficiency, security, and cost savings. Please feel free to call and discuss these benefits with our friendly and experienced team on +61 2 9773 1378.


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