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The Importance Of Working With A Freight Forwarder That Has Tracking Visibility

Working with a freight forwarder that provides tracking visibility is highly important for a business, and here are several reasons why:

  1. Real-Time Information: Tracking visibility offers real-time updates on the location and status of shipments. This helps businesses monitor their cargo throughout the entire supply chain, allowing for better planning and decision-making.

  2. Enhanced Customer Service: Providing customers with accurate and timely information about their shipments enhances customer service. It allows businesses to give precise delivery estimates and quickly address any concerns or delays.

  3. Inventory Management: Tracking visibility helps businesses manage their inventory more efficiently. Knowing the exact location and expected arrival times of goods enables better scheduling of production, distribution, and restocking activities.

  4. Proactive Problem Solving: With real-time tracking, businesses can quickly identify and address any issues that arise during transit, such as delays, rerouting, or customs holds. This proactive approach minimizes disruptions and ensures smoother operations.

  5. Increased Efficiency: Visibility into the supply chain allows businesses to optimize their logistics processes. It helps in identifying bottlenecks, improving route planning, and enhancing overall operational efficiency.

  6. Risk Management: Tracking visibility helps in managing risks associated with shipping. By knowing the exact location and condition of goods, businesses can take preventive measures against potential losses, damages, or theft.

  7. Cost Savings: Improved tracking can lead to cost savings by reducing the need for buffer stock and lowering the risk of expedited shipping costs due to unexpected delays. It also helps in better carrier management and negotiation of rates.

  8. Compliance and Documentation: Enhanced visibility ensures that all necessary documentation is accurately maintained and updated in real-time, which is crucial for regulatory compliance and smooth customs clearance.

  9. Building Trust: Transparency in the shipping process builds trust with customers and partners. When clients are assured that they can track their shipments at any time, it fosters stronger relationships and repeat business.

  10. Competitive Advantage: In a highly competitive market, businesses that can offer reliable and transparent shipping services gain a competitive edge. Tracking visibility is often a key differentiator for logistics service providers.

Working with a freight forwarder that offers tracking visibility, like Image International Freight, is crucial for maintaining control over the supply chain, improving customer satisfaction, managing risks, and optimising operational efficiency. It plays a significant role in enhancing the overall effectiveness and competitiveness of a business's logistics operations. Call us today to find out more about Cargomation, our software will give you and your business complete transparency of your shipments, air and sea, at the click of a button.


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