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Why Companies Are Shifting to Using Air Freight Services

Efficient air freight services are vital when your company’s products must be delivered over long distances within a short period of time. Air freight transportation is the fastest mode of transporting goods in both domestic as well as international markets.

Here are some of the reasons why Air freight is fast becoming a favourite shipping method for many businesses:

Quick Turnaround

  • There’s no time out when items are sent or picked up which means that your valuable cargo won’t waste time sitting in a storage facility or warehouse. This helps to expedite the shipping process, making it more efficient with your cargo. Your cargo often stays on the same plane during the entire duration of its journey providing a much lower chance of a shipment getting lost or damaged since it’s not getting loaded, unloaded, and stored numerous times.

Travel is fast

  • Air freight is suitable for transporting goods which needs to be delivered long distances in a short period. Given the speed at which carriage of products can be achieved, air freight cannot be substituted by any other mode of transport if time is of the utmost importance, and good are urgent.

Allows Transport of Perishable Goods

Air transport is the ideal mode for transporting perishable goods which do not have a long shelf life.

Ease of Access

  • Air freight is accessible in all areas of the globe which is not within easy reach of other transportation modes and or a port.

Consistency Of Arrival & Departure

  • With the help of airline services, it is easy to track your product and follow its promised delivery time. You will see which plane, when it will depart and when it will land. With land or sea transport, your package can be anywhere until you reach the delivery port or milestone.

Reduce Dependence on Warehousing

  • Faster delivery of packages means that small businesses will rely less on storing local supplies. Outflows and business flows force companies to deliver in anticipation. When cargo can fly quickly, inventory control becomes more natural. This is a huge advantage in adapting to trends, seasons etc. and customer needs.

If you would like to discuss your business air freight requirements with our sales team at Image International Freight, please call or email us today +61 2 9773 1378 OR,au.


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