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Choosing The Right Logistics Partner

Whether, your operation has grown too large for you to handle, or you want to expand into new markets, or you want to explore new services that other fulfillment partners offer. With so many companies offering online shopping, it’s important to choose a partner that can get your product shipped fast and efficiently.

When choosing the right partner, consider the following:

Speed and Efficiency:

After an online purchase is made, customers want to receive their product as soon as possible. The time it takes for a customer to have the product in hand is determined by two criteria:

1. The order processing time.

2. The distance between where the processing takes place and the final destination.

Typically, once the online order is confirmed, it routes to the fulfillment centre. Most of the time, this is done automatically through integration between a cart system and a warehouse management system. Once the order is received, a label is printed, and the order is picked up in the warehouse and off to be packed.

Depending on how far the distance, the travel time from the fulfillment centre to the customer’s front door is often the longest speeding up the first half of the order processing time by streamlining its operations so that your customers receive the right order, on time is the key priority.

Technology Features:

A fulfillment partner should act as an extension of your business by utilizing technology to provide real-time visibility of the fulfillment process. Track inventory levels, labor hours, and order pick rates can provide valuable insight into where operational improvements can be made. Technologies such as warehouse management systems, RFID labeling, and internal data portals make it easy to gain business insights and trends. Image International has recently launched Cargomation, which provides live visibility from initial order placement to shipment via air and sea as well as progress through customs and final delivery. A game-changer for our businesses to assist streamline their operations.

Value-Added Options

Some products may require more customization before it goes out the door. Whether, it requires assembly, inspection, or branded packaging, it is likely built into the order processing system.


Every business has different needs. Your fulfillment partner should give you more space and labour to grow. This ability to provide extra resources during the busiest time of the year, and then scale back as business slows down, optimizes your business.


Always remember to make sure the benefits outweigh the cost of the services. By having the main hub for your products to be stored, assembled, packaged, and shipped, you save money by operating under one roof.

If you'd like to discuss your business's logistics needs for this year ahead, please call our friendly Sales team at Image International Freight to set up a short meeting to discuss your current requirements. We pride ourselves on providing customised logistics solutions to meet your strategic business goals. Call us today on +61 2 9773 1378 or email us at


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